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Hats off to… Hewlett-Packard (HP)

We all know that computers, printers, cars and cellphones do not need to be replaced nearly as often as the media would have us believe. The reality that we now have a word such as e-waste in our lexicon that … Continue reading

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Why Must North American T.V. Insult Women?

There is a great book by Gina Barreca on women’s strategic use of humour: “They used to call Snow White but… I drifted”.  Among other interesting tidbits in this book is the fact that television was at the time (1990’s) … Continue reading

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Milestones and Birthdays

All women have milestone moments- some of them are particular birthdays. When I turned 30 I remember thinking “I’m now thirty, I no longer have to take crap from anyone”. It was less a statement on how I felt about … Continue reading

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Kids and Cancer: easily isolated and pushed aside Something to avoid

Kids are easily pushed to the side when someone in the family is diagnosed with cancer.  The shift to crisis mode and survival relegates them to the periphery or in other words shuts them out.  This is not only unfair, … Continue reading

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