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People are better than Netflix

Three and half years ago I moved back to Toronto. It never occurred to me that moving back to a place I had grown up in and loved could be so isolating. There are two easy answers for this: 1) … Continue reading

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A wee bit of a rant

Sometimes when I read an article I know that it’s something I need to address. Laura Stone’s Globe and Mail article on Karina Gould becoming Canada’s first cabinet member to give birth is one of those articles. First, I’d like … Continue reading

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Grief is ugly crying. It is not elegant.

I’m secretly pleased that I’ve written a book on grief that is ‘not elegant’. Grief is not elegant. If the book was elegant it wouldn’t be honest nor do I think it would be helpful. Because my writings from the … Continue reading

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It’s never the big things

A very short post. It’s kind of in keeping with “it’s the little things” theme. I know my friends well enough to know that they contribute to the community in many different ways AND I know they seldom talk about … Continue reading

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