Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who has followed this blog over the years. I am forever grateful for all of you.

A little while back I moved “An Eclectic Life”  to another url. Most of the kinks in the process have now been ironed out. Hallelujah!

This change only effects those who subscribe to this blog directly through WordPress.  Notifications of recently published blogs will continue to show up on my Facebook and LinkedIn feeds.

I’d love to stay connected with everyone so if you’re a WordPress subscriber please sign up again through the subscribe feature on my new blog  An Eclectic Life

For those of you wondering why I haven’t been posting here, it was because I was testing out the new site. As part of the process  I’ve recently posted three new articles.

April 23: Buy Cereal    A piece I wrote in the year following Richard’s death that outlined things to remember to do.  Given that we are all a bit overwhelmed and maybe also scattered these days I thought it was worth sharing.  Sound advice with a touch of humour.

May 6: I once dated a hunter    A reflection on hunting, life choices and recent gun legislation.

May 12:    Simple Rituals To Stay Connected When A Loved One Dies  A collaboration with Linda Stuart, Creator of Memorable Ceremonies. Definitely worth reading if you or anyone you know has lost a loved one during this pandemic.

I hope you will check out my new home and  to show my appreciation for your on-going support when you sign up I will send you a free e-copy of “Grief is..” (the booklet).  Once downloaded you can share this pdf with others who could benefit from knowing they are not alone in their grief and that indeed, loss does funny things to us all.  I’m betting this is something we are all coming to terms with right about now.

Wishing you all good health and the ability to keep yourselves safe.

Looking forward to the next chapter.

Stay well,


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