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Widow Wednesdays #1

Widow Wednesdays Welcome to Widow(er) Wednesdays. A new way for me to share what worked, what didn’t work and what could work better. How to support the grieving Invite a widow(er) for dinner in your home – not for lunch … Continue reading

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The Power of Story

I tell my grief story so that others will be more comfortable in telling theirs. Many thanks to Becky at The Death Dialogues Project for giving me the opportunity to share my story, laugh a little and speak candidly about … Continue reading

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I’m thankful for mommy and daddy, blankie and bear

Those were the words my daughter dictated to her pre-school teacher 20 years ago. In bold marker, the teacher dutifully wrote them onto the strip of sticker decorated bristol board that would become my daughter’s crown for the afternoon’s sharing … Continue reading

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Trigger Days

When you lose someone you love there will always be trigger days that follow. As the anniversary of a friend’s death drew nearer I had my first experience with trigger days. I was anxious and on the actual date I … Continue reading

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Shit Happens/ Life is Good

“Shit Happens” is sometimes the most appropriate and honest response there is. Though I had often used it in an off the cuff manner when a situation had gone wrong the sentiment that followed tended to be “Oh well. Let’s … Continue reading

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Grief is ugly crying. It is not elegant.

I’m secretly pleased that I’ve written a book on grief that is ‘not elegant’. Grief is not elegant. If the book was elegant it wouldn’t be honest nor do I think it would be helpful. Because my writings from the … Continue reading

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What to do when someone we love is grieving

Unfortunately, one of the things we don’t do well as a society is support those who grieve. This is not because we don’t want to but because we don’t know what to do. So I thought I’d share just a … Continue reading

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