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I eat ice cream: a philosophical approach

I like good ice cream. I like eating good ice cream. It tastes wonderful and I am happy when I eat good ice cream. I also like being slimmer. But, when I eat ice cream I do not become slimmer. … Continue reading

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Platinum Blonde

“Platinum Blonde” is one of the nicer things someone has said to me since I stopped putting highlights into my every changing hair. “If you’re over 65…” was one of the least, if not the least, welcome comment I’ve heard. … Continue reading

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What is this “Moving Forward?”

Moving forward began with me taking one step after another when it was unclear of where I was going or how I would get there. Moving forward while grieving was like learning how to walk while carrying one of those … Continue reading

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I’m thankful for mommy and daddy, blankie and bear

Those were the words my daughter dictated to her pre-school teacher 20 years ago. In bold marker, the teacher dutifully wrote them onto the strip of sticker decorated bristol board that would become my daughter’s crown for the afternoon’s sharing … Continue reading

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Runaway Truck Ramp Next Left

Photo credit: https://www.transwest.com/how-runaway-truck-ramps-work I first saw a version of this sign when I was driving to the Grand Canyon two years ago. The first thought that went through my brain, having never seen any signs like this is in good … Continue reading

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5 Things I remember and hope to never forget

1. There was one black telephone in our apartment for all 5 members of my family. There was no caller i.d. and we rarely received unsolicited sales calls. I don’t recall ever getting a scam call. Call waiting was what … Continue reading

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Grief is…

Grief is… missing being loved by the person you lost. ~Heike Mertins~ We always talk about missing the person we’ve lost, but, we seldom speak of missing being loved by those we’ve lost. I think it’s an important piece in … Continue reading

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